Bug Zapper with LED Light, Mosquito Zapper Outdoor Electric


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  • Upgraded Bug Zapper with LED Light. The whole new mosquito zapper with a LED light, can enhance the attracting effect on flying bugs, mosquitoes and home house flies, also be used for lighting in dark environments. The switch on the top control this LED light option. Great mosquito repellent device for outdoor patio, backyard, courtyard, front porch, balcony, garden, farm, barn, garage, swimming pool, parlor, living room, kitchen, bedroom, camper van to get rid of mosquitoes bits.
  • Electric Bug Zapper. This bug zapper for outside inside, use high-effective ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, moths, and small flying insects into the device, then immediately eliminate them with 4200 Volt high-voltage when they touch the electric grid. The whole process adopts physical mosquito control method to get rid of bugs and mosquito bits.
  • Safety ABS Housing Design. Strong and durable ABS lantern shell can effectively prevent people and pets from accidentally contacting the power grid inside the electric bug zapper.
  • Easy To Use. Just plug in bug zapper to the socket, it will work for you. There is a convenient hanging ring on the top, Simply hang the mosquito killer lamp in high place or place it on a flat table or surface. 4.92 feet long wire is more convenient to use mosquito zapper indoors and outdoors.


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